Master & Disciple

Henry Hate boss man has has been toiling away in his art studio putting the final touches his solo show Master & Disciple at Westbank Gallery in Notting Hill. Tommy and Paul have been huge supporters of his work, and the fruits of his labour and madness have finally surfaced to bring you guys one hell of a show. The works will span a number of topis and cover the master works by artists whom have influenced Henry himself. Works by Frieda Kahlo and Warholl will be retold in a modern contemporary setting to juxtapose and mirror the mind set of todays thinking. The show will run in two spaces over the course of October at Notting Hill's Westbank, and Camden's Accepted Rebellion. In the mean time he will npot be taking any bookings for the month of October for tattooing in leiu of the shows. Private View is October 20th with a VIP at 6pm and the first 50 people will recieve a free screen print. FREE and that isn't even court ordered.

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