Prick Christmas Flash Day

Everyone and a while people start to do things where they apparently do nice things for people. Well here the staff of Prick are no exception. We are holding a Christmas Flash Day here at the shop. Prick will be hosting a day of christmas merriment and mulled wined, mince pies and a space where you can spend a little time on your self or loved one for a song. The shop will be doing selected tattoo designs for £100-£150-£200 and a great price for that last minuet gift for yourself or that special someone. Times are tough and we are giving back to the area for their love and support for the last 14 years. free mulled wine (must be over 18). Prick is located at 386 Old Street London. and we will be open the 23rd frin 11am to 8pm. We also have goodie bags available for that picky person in your life. Their design or ours we can draw one up for you, but we hope that 2017 brings all the joy and happiness to you that 2016 did not. Cause let's face it 2016 killed off some of our best cultuered heroes.Prick will not be taking booking on this day and is a one hit, one service in this day. Henry will probably bogart the mulled wine like he always does. Let's face it the man would drink a hallowed out pineapple with batter acid and a tiki umbrella if you put it in front of him. Prick shop line is 0207 7299545

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