Henry Hate Tapped By Stuart Semple's Hustle.

Henry Hate has had his signature work of Diva Las Vegas noted for giving Elvis some "Hot Legs" given art stamp of Approval by non other than renowned and fellow pop artist Stuart Semple. His artist supply company that creates some of the coolest products for artists, Culture Hustle placed Diva Las Vegas on their Black 2.0. Henry is a staunch user of the product and was seen by Stuart via Instagram. 10 artists were chosen whom had used the paint by Culture Hustle and Semple to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of it's inception. Black 2.0 was created when asshole Amish Kapoor was the only artist allowed to use Vanta Black. The Blackest Black known was prohibited for any other artist to use the product. Semple created a version of a beta and then 2.0 Black which Henry Hate Fine art uses in it's work. The bottles created would be limited edition and Henry's bottle would be released in 100 in release. Buy the black and #sharetheblack.

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