Henry Kills Henry Hate (Sort Of)

Tattoo social circles were shocked when that word on the street is that Henry Hate was to be no more. IS THERE SUCH A THING AS A KINDER AND MORE USER FRIENDLY HENRY HATE? Alert the church elders and call a priest. Someone has lost his damn mind. First, Henry appointed Shoreditch Celebrity and Homeless Vagrant, Eunice "Crazy Kat Lady" as his spokeperson and PR Manager. Secondly He was seen in Shoreditch Church burying personal items that are closely associated with hit wanning celebrity brand. By and large He promoted a Customer Appreciation day giving clients of the tattoo shop a 20% off their services. LAst week he was seen in a delapitated wig belonging to Eunice. Customers have praised his bold move as revolutionary. But we at Usun Ovahbich Industries Hq, believe something in the milk aint clean. HAs he turned over a polite new leaf? Stay Tu


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